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Protect your children’s eyes from snow, debris and sun glare with a pair of kid’s ski goggles. ESS Board Store Parramatta sells several styles of goggles in a big range of colours that will keep fashion-conscious youngsters looking great out in the snow. Some styles also come with a whole face mask for extra protection against the cold on a big day out in the snowfields. Our friendly staff is on hand, either in person or on the telephone, to help you select just the right ski goggles for your kids. With our Lowest Price Guarantee, you are sure to get great value for your purchase with us.




We love this time of year and we know you do too. Some good recent fresh snowfalls and more on the way. 

If you're planning your next trip to the snow and your board or skis need a wax then come on in store 19th & 20th August and get your gear waxed and ready to go. We'll wax them for you on the spot for free. That's right free, with no strings attached!!

Whilst you're waiting have a chat to our friendly staff and check out all the great stuff we have in store. 

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What is Afterpay? Afterpay is an easy way for you to get cool gear now but pay it over time in four equal installments. It's EASY!!

You pay no interest or nothing extra when you pay on time

There is no lengthy application process or forms to fill in. There need is no need for new credit card applications. Afterpays propritary platform make it quick and easy to get approved instantly and keep shopping.

Want to know more about Afterpay click here and go to the Afterpay website 


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